LNP (line number port) Details

Some important items to note, when porting your existing telephone number:
  • Your telephone number(s) must be active now and remain active, with your current provider, until the completion of your line port.
    • Do not cancel your existing phone services prior to your line number port being completed. 
      Cancellation of your telephone services will prevent a line number port from occurring.

  • The porting (transferring) of your telephone number(s) will typically take 5 to 15 business days, depending on the departing carrier. 
    • We will notify you, via email, as soon as we receive your line porting date.
  • Until your line number port (transfer) has completed, you will only be able to use your VoIP Much service to place outgoing calls. 
    • You will not receive incoming calls through VoIP Much on your telephone number, until your line number port has successfully completed.  Until your line number port has complete, your telephone number(s) (and incoming calls) remain with your current phone service provider. 
Additional government details on line number porting: