Welcome to the VoIP Much Phone Company
The below indicates the current VoIP Much Network and Service Status:
MAR 4, 2021 @ 8:01 PM EST (to approx 8:20 PM EST) - RESOLVED
We experienced a network switch issue, resulting in some dropped calls and failed registrations.
All systems are back online, and will stabilize over the next few minutes.

NOTE: Recent stability issues are directly related to added call traffic, due to Covid-19 and everyone being/working/schooling from home.
Our team has been working around the clock on our new platform, which will add the additional require capacity and stability you have previously experienced from VoIP Much.


  • Phone Services (home, business, PBX)
    • Registrations: OK 
    • Inbound Calls: OK 
    • Outbound Calls: OK 
  • Virtual PBX (Cloud PBX)OK 
    • Call QueuesOK 
    • BLF: OK 


  • Billing Portal: OK 
  • Real Softphone: OK 
  • Support Portal: OK 
  • Toll-Free: OK 
  • User Portal: OK
  • Virtual Fax: OK  
  • Voicemail: OK 

You can also obtain technical support by...
  • searching our online knowledge base for quick answers to your questions (use the Search the Portal option below)
  • calling us: 1-855-711-8647 (or view our contact page for other contact phone numbers),
  • using our online chat (click icon in bottom right of page),
  • opening a support ticket (click Tickets icon in top menu)

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