Welcome to the VoIP Much Phone Company
The below indicates the current VoIP Much Network and Service Status:
2020-11-22 @ 7:38 PM - 8:00 PM EST - RESOLVED
We experienced a switch crash, impacting calls and registrations.
The issue has been identified and resolved, and our switch is back online.
Our apologies for the inconvenience.


  • Phone Services (home, business, PBX)
    • Registrations: OK 
    • Inbound Calls: OK 
    • Outbound Calls: OK 
  • Virtual PBX (Cloud PBX): OK 
    • Call Queues: OK 
    • BLF: OK 


  • Billing Portal: OK 
  • Real Softphone: OK 
  • Support Portal: OK 
  • Toll-Free: OK
  • User Portal: OK
  • Virtual Fax: OK  
  • Voicemail: OK 

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  • searching our online knowledge base for quick answers to your questions (use the Search the Portal option below)
  • calling us: 1-855-711-8647 (or view our contact page for other contact phone numbers),
  • using our online chat (click icon in bottom right of page),
  • opening a support ticket (click Tickets icon in top menu)

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