To configure Unify Talk, you will need a computer (to access the web based configuration).

  1. From the Unify Talk menu, select System

  2. Now Click: Add Third-Party SIP Provider

  3. Setup VoIP Much SIP Trunk, by entering:
         Provider Name: VoIP Much

  4. Click Add Field

    And add the following fields:
    • ping
    • proxy
    • realm
    • password
    • register
    • username
    • sip_cid_type
    • retry_seconds
    • expire-seconds

    • ping: 20
    • proxy: ##SIP SERVER/DOMAIN##
    • realm: ##SIP SERVER/DOMAIN##
    • password: ##SIP PASSWORD##
    • register: true
    • username: ##SIP USERNAME##
    • sip_cid_type: rpd
    • retry_seconds: 30
    • expire-seconds: 900

  5. Click Select Countries

    Add all countries you wish to call to

  6. Add phone numbers manually or via text file
    (this step assumes you subscribe to VoIP Much SIP Trunk services).

    • Format will be country code plus phone number (ie: in North America 11 digits)
    • For outbound calls you can use 10 or 11 digits for North America and 011 followed by COUNTRY CODE and NUMBER for international calls.

  7. Click on Apply Changes (when finished)