Network Status

The below indicates our current Network and Service Status:
CURRENT STATUS: OK (see below for any current issue items)

No current issues.

Cisco/Linksys ATAs only: If you experience a fast-busy (congestion) when dialing out, please dial *68 (CallerID Block disable) from your phone.

  • Phone Services (home, business, PBX)
    • Device Registrations (TCP, UDP): OK
    • Inbound Calling:
      • Local Numbers: OK
      • Toll Free Numbers: OK
    • Outbound Calling:
      • Canada, United States Numbers: OK
      • International Numbers: OK
  • Virtual PBX (Cloud PBX): OK
    • BLF (busy lamp fields): OK
    • Call QueuesOK
    • Ring Groups: OK
  • SIP Trunks: OK
    • Inbound Calling: OK
    • Outbound Calling: OK
  • Billing Portal: OK
  • Real Softphone: OK
  • SMS (texting) - ** limited beta **:
    • Inbound: OK
    • Outbound (Canada, United States): OK
    • Outbound (International): Not currently supported
  • Support Portal ( OK
  • User Portal:
  • Virtual Fax:
    • Inbound: OK
    • Outbound: OK
  • Voicemail:
    • Voicemail Messaging: OK
    • Voicemail to Email Notifications: OK

Our systems maintenance window is daily from 3:00 AM - 5:00 AM EST.

Outage history (past 90 days):
- No outages or issues in the past 90 days