Grandstream HT5xx, HT7xx, HT8xx Firmware Updates

Grandstream devices not purchased from VoIP Much will typically not automatically update their firmware.
As a result, many of these units have firmware version that are many years old.  Ensuring you are on current firmware versions can address many quality issues (bugs).

To ensure you have the latest firmware version for your device, simply add our firmware path to the Firmware Upgrade Rule:

First, find your device IP Address:
  1. Lift the handset of the phone connected to your ATA, Dial *** to initiate the IVR Menu
  2. Wait to be instructed to enter your command. 
  3. Dial 02 and the IP address will be played to you.

Next, login to your device:
  1. Find the IP Address of the ATA device (above) and open a web browser to the IP address of the device.
  2. Login with your ATA device admin password.

Once logged in to your, select ADVANCED SETTINGS from the top menu.
Enter the below server path details:

    Firmware Server Path:
    Config Server Path:

Recommended settings are highlighted below: